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About Corporate Shiksha™

Corporate Shiksha™ – the learning network for Young India is a next generation platform to nurture and grow the capability of young and aspiring professionals. It is focused on helping students and working professionals to get ahead in their corporate career by facilitating practical & experiential learning programs with a spirit of volunteerism and social development.

Corporate Shiksha is an organization which provides a way for those working in the corporate sector and those planning to join it, to effectively use their skills in moving up the corporate ladder. To do so, it provides training so as to bridge the gap between workers and their job requirements. It enables them to enhance their skill set and manage expectations effectively. In order to efficiently impart requisite knowledge and facilitate peer knowledge transfer, various programs and initiatives have been launched by the organization.

Our foundation is corporate but our focus remains on ‘shiksha.’

Mission: We aim to provide –

  1. Managed Corporate Placements – Job opportunities for current batch, Mid Career Placements for alumni.
  2. Industry Learning & Mentoring – Through corporate connect sessions, interview simulations, career orientation programs, competency building workshops and individual counseling sessions for understanding individual aspirations and setting corporate expectations.
  3. Employability Assessment & Profiling – standardized assessment on functional and behavioral competencies such as interpersonal skills (verbal, non verbal and written communication) and aptitude (quantitative ability & data interpretation and logical reasoning)


To fulfill our objective, we have launched various programs and initiatives like Career Accelerator, Career Launchpad, HR Talks, CEO Dialogue, and Workplace 2020.

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