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For students, the Career Launchpad Program helps by the following ways:

Builds Key Competencies

Our offerings of Competency Building Workshop, Individual Assessment, Online Lecture and Masterclass impart important knowledge to the individual. Not only do they help in developing a student’s base level of knowledge, but also give them an insight about their own strengths and weaknesses. This analysis becomes doubly important for those on the verge of entering the job market as it allows them to address any detrimental issues and put their best foot forward.

C1BThrough the use of the Career Launchpad Program, students can utilize offerings such as Competency Building Workshop and Career Services to better themselves for job interviews and also, subsequent corporate jobs. The purpose of these offerings is to fully prepare students for the inevitable interview round. As competitors in the job market, students understand that a good resume and a good impression are extremely important, which is what we seek to provide.
Career Opportunities

Our Job Board has been designed to provide students with suitable job opportunities. In addition to final placements, internships with corporate organizations as well as NGOs would also be available to students. Our association with various corporate organizations enables us to provide these services.


Features of the Launchpad Program like Conferences & Events, Mentorship Program and Industrial Visits have been initiated with a view of giving students the best possible vantage point. They also create opportunities for students to understand real corporate environment and thus, find their direction.


As members of the Launchpad Program, students will be entitled to receive a certificate of completion after participating in each Masterclass. Since these Masterclasses cover various areas related to the corporate environment and are delivered by Industry leaders, a certificate would be a valuable addition to a student’s resume.


The Mentorship Program allows students to have a one on one discussion with corporate heads. This allows students to get a better understanding of the corporate environment as well as help them find their forte. As part of this Program, students will be free to discuss varied issues with corporate mentors, an event which would otherwise be difficult for them to accomplish.