Program Offerings_MentorshipProgram

This unique Program has been launched with the idea of allowing a more personal interaction of students with corporate leaders and industry experts.

The Mentorship Program is one wherein corporate leaders from various sectors will be invited and students who participate in the Career Launchpad program will be given a chance to have a one-on-one discussion with them, for a specified amount of time. A given number of leaders would be invited to a particular schedule and students who participate would be allowed to interact directly with all the leaders for a limited amount of time. The purpose of doing this is to allow students to talk to leaders from a variety of sectors and hence, gain perspective.

This unique program will give students the opportunity to have their questions and doubts answered directly by corporate leaders. Through the Launchpad Program, they will be given the opportunity to choose whichever session they find interesting and register for it. They will be able to choose whichever session suits them and attend it, after payment of an additional fee.