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For Corporate organizations, the Program helps by:

Social Responsibility

By being part of the Launchpad Program, companies can help ensure that the issue of employability gap is effectively dealt with. Helping young talent be ready for the future of workplace would definitely allow organizations to fulfill their social responsibility. Companies can participate in the Program by sending guest faculty for different Programs, providing sponsorships and scholarships and so on.


Employer Branding

Companies today understand that they also need to establish their brand value amongst the students who form the next generation of workforce. Our Program provides a great way for companies to interact with students and hence, get exposure. This enables them to establish and enhance their brand value amongst management students.


Talent Acquisition

Participating companies will be benefitted as they will have access to a corporate ready workforce, with enhanced skill sets. They would be able to effectively fill any vacancies by becoming members of the Launchpad Program and participating in its placement process. The Program would help by allowing interaction between students and companies i.e. employees and employers.